Wood chip feed system with scraper moving floor AGB HG-4, chain conveyer AGB KT-5, double chain conveyor AGB KT-10 with a chain on both sides with shovels and AGB VT-5 thread conveyor.

  1. Water boiler 2.0 MW 07/3AV made of steel sheets and pipe welded boiler with a builded front furnace of chamotte and thermoisolated exterior walls
  2. The front furnace
  3. The air fans STGP-5.5kW
  4. Hydraulic movable alloy cast iron grate in the furnace
  5. Hydraulic ash scraper with the wings on the base of the furnace
  6. Ash thread conveyor
  7. The burner feed system to the furnace ST UHV-10 with a bunker and hydraulic piston
  8. Electric automation system with PLC controller and burner quality control. Lambda probe, temperature control in the furnace, and the pipes for gas back and forth supply
  9. Multi-Protection System
  10. Multi-cyclon with heat-insulated smoke flues
  11. The flue gas fan - 18.0kW
  12. Chimney with insulation and decorative cladding.