When Puidukoda OÜ, an Estonian wood processing company, needed to optimize its container loading process, they turned to our team for an automated solution. Puidukoda manufactures a variety of wood products, from flooring to furniture parts, which are exported globally. Loading these materials efficiently into shipping containers manually was labor intensive, risky for workers, and resulted in significantly wasted cargo space. They wanted a system to reduce product damage, maximize container volume usage, and lower operational costs.

Puidukoda implemented our automated container loading system that utilizes sliding floor technology. Key features of our loader include: 

  • A durable plastic loading plate that smoothly slides packaged wood products directly into containers;
  • Adjustable legs fitting standard container heights;
  • Built-in scales control product weight before loading.

We integrated the loader directly into Puidukoda's facility, allowing forklifts to easily load packaged wood products onto the loading plate to be slid into waiting containers. This seamless integration optimizes workflow and allows existing forklifts to interact with the new automated loading system. Implementing the automated system also significantly reduced labor requirements, decreasing the number of workers needed from multiple people to just one person overseeing the entire loading process.

In May 2023, we completed the installation and implementation of the automated container loading system at Puidukoda's facility. 
The new automated system has delivered noticeable benefits for operations: 

  • Loading time per container was significantly reduced;
  • Product damage substantially decreased;
  • Container cargo space utilization increased.

Our automated container loading solution has allowed Puidukoda OÜ to ship products worldwide more efficiently. This highlights how our pre-engineered container-loading solutions can simplify intricate logistics processes. 

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