The metalworking sector incorporates a vast range of heterogeneous activities, providing technologies, services, and equipment to all other industrial sectors and also finished products.
The steel industry, foundry, metal processing, mechanical engineering play a crucial role in the world's development. Metal products tend to be bulky and heavy, which makes handling processes slow, expensive, and sometimes dangerous.


Container loading with steel pipes

Automated and fast loading of heavy steel and ductile iron pipes into containers now is the safest and fastest solution.

Steel pipe loading in container

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Scrap metal loading in containers

Moving and transporting scrap metal in containers is very popular, but the loading process can become very unprofitable if it is not possible to place the container in a  vertical position and use the entire volume of the container.  By loading from above, you have access to 100% of the internal container volume.

Scrap metal loading in containers

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Truck loading using loading plate

Automated Container Truck Loading - What are the benefits?

The operation of loading and unloading containers constitutes a vital stage in the supply chain, especially when dealing with bulky and heavy products, such as in the wood or steel industry. SmartTEH offers an automatic system that allows you to load and unload containers in a matter of minutes, compared to longer, traditional processes of truck loading and unloading.

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