Manufacturing and processing

Manufacturing, as the economic engine is a very important part, but also a very complex and complicated.

Sometimes the correct technological process can be a decisive factor in the viability of Your business.

Our technical solutions and experience, helps manufacturing companies become more competitive. 

Equipment engineered and produced by SmartTEH is used in agriculture, mining, chemical (fertilizing) industries, and processing of different bulk products.


Automated container loading in the warehouse

Automated truck loading makes trailer and container loading as easy as it should be.

It is the best solution for fully automated pallet handling in the warehouse.  

Automated truck loading

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Grain handling solutions

Lower contamination by less handling.

Our fully automated machines can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications and are in line with today’s environmental standards including low dust and noise emissions.

Grain handling solutions

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Minerals and chemical handling conveyors

Our range of material handling equipment has been bringing real operating benefits through improving efficiencies and reducing production costs.

Automated loading of mining products enhances significantly work safety. We offer multiple solutions 

.chemical handling conveyor

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Loading lumber and timber in containers

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