Wood processing

The wood industry is among the most dynamically developing markets
in the world, that’s why automated loading is the best solution for effectiveness at work.
The major wood product categories are sawn timber, wood-based panels, woodchips, paper, and paper products and miscellaneous others including poles and railway sleepers.
During the last several decades, forest product processing technologies have undergone extraordinary advances in some of the above categories.

Container loading in woodworking & forest industry

 Automated loading in the forest industry for logs, timber packages, plates, plywood and other palletless products optimizes the loading processes into trucks, trailers, or containers

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Wood pellets and chip handling

Woodchip and wood pellet transshipment is becoming a challenge for every sawmill in the wood processing industry. Starting from regular belt conveyor systems for transferring product through the line and finishing with effective container tilting solutions.

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Some Portfolio

  1. OOO “SVUDS Eksport”
  2. WT Terminal
  3. Red October
  4. Egger


Loading lumber and timber in containers

Shipping lumber & wood: How to reduce costs?

How to reduce costs when shipping lumber and wood? There are many factors that influence the costs of the wood industry and they are mentioned below ...

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Reduce transportation cost

8 Practical Ways to Reduce Transportation Logistics Costs

Are you searching for a freight cost reduction case study to know an efficient way to reduce transportation logistics costs? If freight is a crucial part of your company, your company will continue to face increasing charges throughout the whole of your transport logistics. In addition to the regular fuel and machinery market price rises, suppliers face many budgetary pressures in several directions.

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