We have developed various solutions for fast and efficient transshipment of ships and wagons.

Multi conveyor systems

The radial multi conveyor and ship loading conveyor are developed for the bulk transport in outdoor areas, warehouses or for loading railway (hopper) wagons and ships. It can also be used in conjunction with other conveyor systems for loading/handling.

Radial Multi conveyor

Radial stacker & feeder at port


Mobile conveyor

Mobile conveyor


Hopper wagon loading and unloading systems

Hopper wagon unloading system
Hopper wagon unloading system

Hopper wagon unloading and loading systems can be integrated into existing conveyor system circuits, which will allow efficient use of existing customer infrastructure.

Conveyors and elevators

Conveyor systems provide timely delivery of required materials to technology-required locations throughout the manufacturing process. Rhythmic, synchronous and continuous operation of equipment in industrial production mode is ensured by a wide variety of conveyor systems. SmartTEH has designed many different conveyors for different industries.

By design, SmartTEH conveyors are built-in, integrated, freestanding, horizontal, angled, and vertical. The transportation methods are designed:

  • Bearing on belts and modular belts;
  • On small rollers and large rolls;
  • By means of screws (screws);
  • Using different chain variants.