Since the beginning of the 20th century, logistics-related industries have been trying to make freight transport more efficient by using containers. Today, the standards for containerization are so strong in the global transportation industry that it is almost impossible to stop the container industry. Everything that is intended to be transported mainly by sea is containerized, sometimes even bulk cargo. In view of these global trends, the need for handling solutions in containers is increasing. It was also one of the specialties of our handling solutions - everything related to containers.

The equipment we manufacture will help you to fill the container with packages of wooden boards, long metal tubes, logs, and also lift the container to empty it or, on the contrary, fill with scrap metal, grain or other bulk cargoes. We are ready to customize all our solutions to the needs of each customer, which makes us highly specialized in this industry.

Container loading system

Container loading of sawn timber using SmartTEH equipment
Container loading of sawn timber using SmartTEH equipment


Container loading equipment known as container loading system with moving floor allow container loading and unloading times to be reduced from 30 minutes to 2-5 min. Automatic container loading / unloading system works without any necessary adjustments on standard platforms with standard equipment. It has specially designed program makes all the movements, ensuring safe and easy usage. More info

Container tilter

Container tilter (also known as container lifter) allows a container to be tipped at your chosen angle – anywhere between -10° to 90°. By loading from above, you have access to 100% of the internal container volume. Container tilter works as shipping container loading equipment and enables you to load cargo in less than five minutes. More info  

Log loader

CSL’s K-Loader is the first machine carefully designed to address all of the technical issues associated with loading logs into containers. The K-Loader’s design is suitable for the loading of any other long products such as petrochemical industry steel pipe, utility poles or steel/ aluminum mill “long product”, etc. More info