One of SmartTEH latest clients is Riga Central Terminal, to who we have delivered a Mobile conveyor for efficient handling of wood chip pellets.

The machine is designed for receiving bulk cargo from front loaders, transporting and stacking around its axis at a distance of the appropriate radius. The conveyor belt moves the product from the inlet/ bunker to the top of the boom. The height of the boom can be adjusted with the help of hydraulic up to 10 m

Conveyor specification:

Max productivity: up to 1000 m3/h

Conveyor Length: Mobile tape roller/ 26m

Conveyor working height: 4 – 10 m

Length of belt: 52 m

Belt width: 1000 m

Loading width: 1000 mm

Bunker size: 15m3


Grain, woodchip, granules and other


See full description of system

Customer: JPT Industria Oy