Manufacturer: SmartTEH

Warehouse loading and unloading system is an innovating machine able to allow the automatic unloading of stocked products inside flat warehouses having a high light of 50.000mm, unlimited height and length. The system is normally used to level and unload products such as: grains, feeds, sugar and bulk milling or granular products in general.


It is composed of two linear monolithic-shape beams realized with a structure constituted of opportunely shaped close section commercial profiles, reinforced and wholly electro-welded. The structure attack system to runway and the two motorized pinions-racks, which are necessary to machine running, are placed on the upper part. The pre-established distances of drilled plates necessary to product unloading system fixing are placed on lower part. The housing of system lifting device to be operated during product extraction phase is placed inside translator central part. All the above described structure is made of iron and spray painted.

It is composed of one or more worm-threads placed under translator structure, divided into two parts and driven by
one or more independent reduction gearmotors. The above mentioned worm-threads are supported by means of intermediate supports placed to a maximum distance of 4.000mm and fixed to plates on the same translator. The reduction gearmotors, which are placed on their axe and directly coupled by previous mechanical coupling interposition, are servo-assisted by two limit switches, which control its operation and/or stopping if the product touch them. All the above described structure is spray painted.

Structure Iron
Surface Coating Painted
Warehouse width 10000mm to 50000mm
Machine width 9500mm to 49500mm
Worm-thread diameter 300-350, 400, 450 (acting as capacity) + unloading system
Operation Horizontal
Levelling chain speed 0.47 m/sec
Translating speed 2 to 8 m / min.
Levelling worm-threads reduction gearmotor power 4-11kW (acting as capacity)
Total unloading capacity 266 m3/h (200 t/h), having a specific weight of 0.75t/m3 (for grater capacity contact us)



  1. G MASTER system with immersion measure from 0 to 6 m jointed to grader automation. Telescopic pneumatic piston survey system, with wireless probe installed on rod point, to take automatically, according to pre-established heights, product temperature and humidity.
  2. G ROLL system with immersion measure from 0 to 6 m jointed to grader automation. Motorized winding-unwinding reel survey, with steel probe, dia. 7, on which point it is installed a PT100 head, to take automatically, according to pre-established heights, product temperature.

Automatic filling and emptying levelling machine, equipped with horizontal and vertical translation for horizontal silos.

  • HEAD. Made of carpentry with high quality steel, stiffened with style and elegance, equipped with safety devices and automatic handling systems.
  • STRUCTURE. Composed of reticulated frame standard elements using tubular commercial forms, with reinforcement stands for hoisting tackle hook application. As for the head, the structure is supplied together with full safety devices and automatic running.
  • DRIVE. Bearings and gear motors chosen from best worldwide manufactures. Pinions, wheels and grader chains are made of Tempered steel.
  • DOLLIES. Compact elements running with one translational speeds for HEA UNI 5679-73 rails with incorporated lifting tackle. All motors are self-braking with lifting servo brake and automatic safety devices made in accordance with last international standards.


  • Limit man presence inside warehouse during loading and unloading operations (his intervention is acting as the automation degree you choose remembering that his presence can be not necessary using a more pushed automation)
  • Limit mechanical equipment to carry out loading and unloading operations reducing drastically stocked product pollution
  • Reduce warehouse unloading costs as this robot is used whether extracting and conveying product towards evacuation system or good distributed and prompt loading creating boxes (by means of reinforced concrete gates) inside the same warehouse.
  • Volume optimization at disposition reducing sensibly the cost per stocked ton.
  • Reduce ventilation costs of grain conservation due to stocked mass uniformity.
  • Warehouse use, considering that when the machine is at rest (position established by customer), it is overhang, so there is the possibility to use differently floor from stocking use.
  • Control automatically machine movements, horizontally or vertically, by a programmable controller (PLC), which guarantees the maximum reliance, safety and possibility to vary always its utilization functions. This operation is possible in accordance to automation degree you choose during order as the “Robot” can be ordered in MANUAL, SEMIAUTOMATIC, AUTOMATIC version.