Manufacturer: SmartTEH

The mobile shiploader is our latest solution to help shiploading applications reduce downtime at ports and terminals. Manufacturers and consumers are interested in their cargo traffic going through the ports and terminals that are equipped with safe and improved loading and unloading systems, where the material handling process is fast and gentle.

Equipping the end part of the conveyor with rotating spout, we reach an even load distribution in the hold, which is very important to save the space and ensure evenly distributed material. This effect can not be achieved by the operator who loads the ship with a port crane. Such a conveyor is a compact and economical solution for the loading a bulk material in the vessel holds. The equipment is easy to move within the territory of see port thanks to the mobile wheel chassis. The transporter needs one operator, it operates quietly and with a great capability.


  • REDUCED FROP HEIGHT. The stinger conveyor maintains tight clearance between the conveyor and the deck of the vessel, reducing drop height and discharge chute length.
  • FLEXIBLE DRIVE TIRES. Equipped to move inline, transversely and radially, this versatility reduces feed point relocation and downtime.
  • INCREASED REACH. A telescopic conveyor allows 30% extension and retraction for fully trimmed hatches and adjustability around unique vessel infrastructure.
  • FEEDERS. Available different kinds of feeders that can be added to the conveyor for improved transportation of the material.


  1. Logistics
  2. Wood processing
  3. Processing


Benefits of ussing mobile shiploader translate into direct cost savings:

  • Reduced drop height maintains tight clearance between conveyor and vessel;
  • Mobility combined with telescopic technology allows users to fill multiple hatches from one feed point;
  • Maintaining a single feed point reduces constant relocation, speeding the loading process;
  • Productivity up to 2000 t/h;
  • Reduced dust particles in the air;
  • In addition, the conveyor's luffing action allows it to adjust to tides and diverse ship sizes.

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