Manufacturer: SmartTEH

The Radial Stacker-Feeder ST-20/750 range provides direct bulk product unloading from trucks to Feeder conveyor. Further products are delivered to the second conveyor-stacker. This option helps to stack products on the necessary height (depends on the length of the conveyor boom). Stacker-conveyor can be adjusted manually and automatically both height and radial movement. This allows for passive pile transfer, interlard transfer, feeding of intake systems, or feeding of rail/ ship loading either in conjunction with stacker/reclaimers or stand-alone systems. This equipment opens up new possibilities for stockpiling, warehouse filling, barge or small ship loading, and rail wagon loading. Different modifications of equipment can demonstrate customized needs of loading depending of business specifics.

bulk loading with conveyor
Bulk loading with conveyor


  •    3 different capacity ranges (productivity): 450m³/h, 750m³/h and 1000m³/h
  •    Different Stacking conveyor length options up to 30m
  •    Different radial movement angles up to 60° to each side
  •    Complete on-site mobility including tracks (rubber tracks) and wheels
  •    A hydraulic folding head section allowing for compact road transportation
  •    Can be packed into regular sea containers for easy, cost-effective transport around the globe
  •    Mobility and flexibility when in operation
  •    Dust control features: enclosures and sealing rings
  •    Ship loading applications with optional chute systems and cambered boom design
  •    Different drive systems, diesel, electric, or diesel/electric
  •    Remote controlling
  •    Online monitoring interface for predictive maintenance

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  •   Receive materials direct from trucks
  •   Receive material direct from rail wagons
  •   Receive material direct from wheel loaders
  •   Receive material from vessels via discharge grab cranes
  •   Be used to load directly to rail wagons
  •   Be used to load direct to vessels
  •   Be used to load directly warehouses with minimum movement
  •   Be used to receive products from regular conveyors
  •   Different drives may be applied - track mobile, wheel mobile & static versions
  •   Handle a different variety of bulk including grain, biomass, fertilizer, coal, cement clinker, aggregates, iron ore and many other heavy ores etc.
  •   Provide intermediate storage and a controlled volumetric discharge


  1. Logistics
  2. Wood processing
  3. Manufacturing