Manufacturer: SmartTEH

Mobile conveyor with wheels is designed to handle all types of bulk cargo to pass the product for loading onto ships or warehouses.

Types of mobile conveyors

We offer both standard manufactured conveyor models and customized solutions that will perform the tasks you need. For example, a conveyor for woodchips will differ significantly from a conveyor for coal transportation.

Mobile conveyor for loading bulk
Mobile conveyor for bulk handling in ports


Mobile conveyors manufactured by SmartTEH are used for handling a wide variety of bulk cargoes and materials - particle pellets, grains, chips, coal, rape, etc. The specification, design and components of the conveyor (conveyor belt, motors, rollers, etc.) are adapted to the characteristics of each product.


  1. Logistics
  2. Wood processing
  3. Manufacturing

Types of application

Due to the fact that the conveyors can be equipped with various additional functionalities, the conveyor has a very wide range of applications:

  • Loading of various ships and barges from the quay. This allows you to achieve very high levels of productivity, while minimizing aspects of environmental pollution.
  • Stacking of bulk, allowing production to be stored as efficiently as possible in confined areas such as port facilities, warehouses and hangars.
  • Formation of a conveyor chain, ensuring efficient delivery of products from, for example, warehouse to quay.
  • Unloading or loading of wagons.


  1. Riga Commercial Port
  2. JPT Industria OY
  3. KS Terminal


Complete set and additional equipment

The assembly of a conveyor can be very different. Each customer defines the requirements and is able to choose the equipment also according to our previous experience:

  • Hydraulic height adjustment allows operative height adjustment of the conveyor during the handling process;
  • Telescopic boom provides regular distribution of product (highly recommended for ship loading with radial movement of the chassis);
  • Radial movement of the chassis provides circular distribution of product around the conveyor axis;
  • All-wheel drive chassis provides independent movement of the conveyor during stacking;
  • Bunkers of various sizes and applications help to ensure the stability of the feed on the conveyor belt;
  • Aspiration equipment to minimize dust;
  • Remote control.
Mobile conveyor with wheels
Mobile conveyor with wheels and bunker