Manufacturer: SmartTEH

Conveyor - Feeder is intended for handling all types of dry bulk cargo for conveying the products with controlled, even feed for loading onto ships or warehouses. Usually used when bulk cargo is being stacked or loaded unevenly in the bunker, but it must be fed further down the conveyor at a controlled feed rate.

Conveyor - Feeder Types:

We offer both mass-produced conveyor models, as well as individual solutions that will perform the necessary tasks. For example, a woodchip conveyor will be significantly different from a coal conveyor line.

Material to be reloaded:

SmartTEH Conveyors - Feeders can be used for handling a wide range of bulk cargoes and materials - wood pellets, grain, wood chips, coal, rapeseed, and much more. The design, technical specifications, and components of the feed mechanism (conveyor belt, motors, rollers, etc.) are adapted to each customer's requirements.

Application Types:

The main function of the Conveyor - Feeder is the delivery of constant bulk material from the hopper. Since conveyors can be equipped with various additional functions, the conveyor has a wide range of applications:

  • Material feed rate control in the conveyor system;
  • Loading of various ships and barges directly from the pier. This provides very high performance with minimal environmental pollution;
  • Formation of a conveyor line providing efficient delivery of products, for example, from a warehouse to a pier;
  • Unloading or loading of wagons.

Equipment and accessories:

The assembly of a conveyor belt can be very different. Each customer formulates the task to be performed and is able to choose the equipment according to our previous experience:

  • Customized design for selected loading material and productivity;
  • Hoppers of various sizes and applications;
  • Variable speed;
  • Aspiration equipment ensures the minimization of dust;
  • Remote control.

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