Manufacturer: SmartTEH

Container Unloading System ST-CUS40 is designed for 40 feet containers, based on container semitrailer chassis. The equipment includes all necessary supporting systems to unload also 20 feet containers.
The operating cycle depends on goods unloaded and operator efficiency.

unloading metal tubes
                                                                                                Container unloading system

How container unloading works:

  • Semitrailer with the container is hydraulically attached to the system;
  • The operator adjusts the system to all possible angle differences using systems hydraulics. Identically to Container loading system (CLS);
  • Systems slider is attached to straps which are either installed during loading or fixed manually when unloading the container;
  • Slider with a chain drive is pulling out products, also simultaneously several pallets, if needed;
  • The floor of the system is equipped with an integrated plastic plate for better sliding.

container unloading

  • For better results, pallets under the product should have precutted edges.

Using for Loading containers:

Load containers

Container Loading

  • All process is executed the other way around:
  • Product is placed on the system
  • Slider simply pushes in a product within 5 minutes

Some portfolio find here:

    1. DSV, Solaris, Geodis
    2. Metalogalva
    3. ABB Germany

Benefits of using unloading equipment:

  • FAST UNLOADING TIME is the most important argument for this system. It takes only several minutes to fully unload cargo from the container;
  • INCREASED HANDLING is provided with a hydraulic system which is capable to attach to each truck individually;
  • OPERATIONAL COST EFFICIENCY IS GAINED by reducing necessary crew down to one man;
  • HANDLING DAMAGES are minimized almost to zero thanks to minimized human factor;
  • RISK OF PERSONAL INJURIES IS MINIMIZED thanks to simplified  technical processes;
  • Extremely LOW MAINTENANCE COSTS help to shorten time on investment returning;
  • The system can provide also container loading functions (should be noted before ordering only unloading system).