Manufacturer: SmartTEH

Smartteh has found a great option how to handle bulk materials. Smartteh’s revolutionary tilting container loader allows you to fill up every last inch – and do it faster – using the power of gravity. By making short work of big loads, you’ll save time and money. A container lifter allows a container to be tipped at your chosen angle – anywhere between -10° to 90°. By loading from above, you have access to 100% of the internal container volume. Shipping containers are inserted either directly with a standard trailer, or from above with a forklift, crane or reach stacker. 

Container Tilter
                             Hydraulic Container Tilter



  1. STREAMLINES BULK HANDLING. Container lifter enables you to load directly into shipping containers in less than five minutes. You’ll increase profitability – with the flexibility to load containers where and when you want.
  2. SAVES ON LABOR AND EQUIPMENT. Smartteh’s intelligent remote control system allows a single operator to complete the loading, weighing and transfer – all from the safety of the controller’s cab.
  3. OPTIONS TO SUIT YOUR OPERATION. Depending on your needs and budget, you have a choice of tilting options (1-70°, or 1-90°); and a choice of frame (Universal, Flat Deck, Long Front, Short Rear). Choose your customized combination for the greatest efficiencies and cost savings.
  4. SMALLER FOOTPRINT. The container lifter is highly compact and takes up far less yard space than traditional container loaders. By utilizing every last inch of space, containers are filled to 100% capacity.
  5. ACCURATE WEIGHTING. Container lifter’s built-in scale system means each load is weighed ‘live’ by the operator, using a digital hand-held remote. So you will avoid double-handling and ensure accurate payload every time.
  6. DESIGNED TOUGHER. The container lifter is designed and built to take the knocks. Many customers use their container lifter day after day, in the toughest industrial conditions.



Optional extras

  • DIGITAL SCALE SYSTEM. Digital Scale System with its +/-1% accuracy eliminates the cost risk of re-opening containers and adjusting loads. Certified scale options are also available.
  • RADIO REMOTE CONTROL. This is a heavy-duty handheld radio remote that enables a single operator to safely control loading and unloading, from the safety of the cab. When used in conjunction with a Digital Scale System, the real-time weight is displayed on the remote screen.
  • MOBILE DRIVE SYSTEM. The complete container lifter unit can be ‘driven’ around a plant to exactly where materials need to be loaded.
  • POWERPACK OPTION. We offer a range of power pack options to suit your operation – choose from diesel or electric, fixed or portable.
  • HYDRAULIC CONTAINER DOOR CLOSER. For the faster and safer operation of your container lifter, these container door closers eliminate the need to manually open and close doors.
  • PLC PLANT INTEGRATION. If you want to fully integrate your container lifter with other machinery throughout your plant, we offer PLC sensors and factory integration.


  1. Logistics
  2. Metalworking
  3. Processing

Smartteh technology is increasingly being adopted in the agribusiness sector, for both domestic and export transport. The equpment helps to bring the product to market faster – as well as improve handling processes, hygiene, quality and cross-border compliance.

Chemicals & Pharmaceutical  
When you’re dealing with high-value materials, the quality of your handling equipment is critical. Smartteh can provide you with a closed-loop system that prevents wastage, eliminates double-handling, and guards against contamination. Our technology will also help streamline your supply chain and improve your stock control. Container lifters and unloaders allow you to use your containers as storage silos, and discharge products as and when required.

The food industry also trends towards containerized transport. Our solutions help growers and sellers move their products efficiently through the supply chain, with a strong focus on quality control. Our equipment is chosen by food producers – from grains to soybeans - and is used in plants with the strictest quality and hygiene requirements.

Our equipment will help you extract maximum value when handling any type of mineral. We tailor the final solution to suit the exact mineral – from low-value mass movement product, through to high-value or toxic materials requiring sophisticated handling.

Our machinery helps resin producers to minimize packaging, maximize container volumes and reduce moisture contamination. Buyers and importers also benefit from streamlined unloading, reduced labor costs, and many different storage efficiencies.

Containerization allows same-day processes and sales. By saving space and labor on-site with our technology, you’ll boost profitability at every step. Smartteh has responded to the rigorous demands of the recycling industry by designing and delivering products that stand up to even the toughest conditions. Using our product lines, Smartteh will tailor product loading and unloading solutions for your recycling operation.