Pellet factory equipment provides all necessary processes, including wet raw material-wood chips drying, dry raw material grinding, support of wood chip and pellet mass flow, granulation, cooling, sieving, storage and unload of vehicles, as well as the possibility of packing bags. Equipment provides a pellet production in sawdust pellet press with a total capacity of 3500kg/hour. (20,000 to 25,000 tons / year). Pellet size - 8 mm. Material: Wet chips, according to standard CEN / TS14961: 200. Chip size: P16 / P45, a moisture content not more than 60%. The general list of pellet factory technical units.

  • The raw material loading and feed unit:

Moving hidraulic floor system with feed collector conveyor with adjustable feed rate for the raw material transport from storage to the grinding unit.

  • Fuel loading and feed unit to the furnace:

Moving hidraulic floor system with feed collector conveyor with adjustable feed rate for the fuel transportation

  • Biomass Furnace:

Isolated steel body with a chamotte lining, moving grate system, automatic ash discharge with an emergency valve (hydraulic actuator). Boiler fuel - dry wood-chips and pellet residues.

  • Multi-cyclone particle separation

Made of stainless steel, assembled in steel frame.

  • Drying chamber:

It provides raw material (max fraction-10*2*0,7mm and less than 90% of the total max moisture content is 55%) drying to 10-12% moisture. Productivity - 20-25m3/h. Drum type construction on rolls that are run by motors.

  • The fluel gas system:

Cyclone, the main fan, flue gas channel set, chimney.

  • Conveyor with the dry chip storage tank:

Productivity 28-30m3/h, the screw type.

  • Dry raw material storage and transportation station

Dry wood-chip transport system to the collecting tank, using screw and cup conveyors. Productivity 30m3/h.

  • Storage tank - 160m3 with a discharge mechanism:

Made of galvanized tin modules; tapered discharge. The construction is based on metal legs.

  • Feed to the hammermill

 Screw conveyor with variable feed rate, max. productivity - 70-75 m3/h. After hammermill the automatic identification of the spark and extuingishing system is provided in the air duct.

  • The fine grinding and pelleting station:

Productivity - 4-5 t/h, moisture content of the raw material: 10-12%. Maximum micro chip size 5 * 10 * 10mm. They are equipped with a permanent magnet for separating metal parts from raw materials; the temperature sensors in the the bearings and the grinding chamber. Aspiration system for the mill-granulation-cooling installations and transport systems are also provided.

  • Material supply to the granulator:

Especially suitable presse for wood pellet production with the productivity of 3.5 t / h at the raw moisture content of 10-12%. Pellet size - 8mm. Includes matrix and roll set. Presse is supplied with the main axis gearbox, central lubrication system, oil filter, oil pressure sensor and oil cooler. The set includes temperature sensor as well as sensor of the matrix rotation speed.

  • Conveyor system for transporting the pellet to the cooler:

Conveyor material - stainless steel.

  • The pellet cooler:

Screen: 8 mm for pellets with vibro drive. Other screen for material and dust separation. Vibro screen aspiration-pneumatic transport system. Transport conveyor system from vibro screen to the pellet storage tank for loading in the transport.

  • The ready-pellet storage tank with even loading system in the transport

Continuous material weighing system. The tank is equipped with a 3 discharge cones with the total storage 110t; as well as discharge shuttle control with hydraulic drive.

  • Air re-circulation filter with discharge (filtration elements made of polymer material):

Dosing sluices and pneimo-transport system for separated chip and dust transportation to the pressing line, fans, cyclones; automatic filter cleaning.

  • Steam generator:

Productivity: 200 kg/h. Energy conductor - overheated water (150-160° C) / vapor. Water preperation system.

  • Compressor:

Screw type compressor. Productivity – 500kg air/h.

  • Factory management, automatization and electrical equipment system:

Electrical materials and complementary components. Control and automation equipment suite that provides granulation plant work and operator jobs in which the whole technological process visualization is managed. Video surveillance is provided in all main factory districts. Necessary wires, cables, control and distribution cabinets, as well as cable ladders, other components and assembly materials are included.

  • Additional construction set and its processing:

Processing of construction before painting - class Sa2, a primer (40 microns), paint (40l microns), metal constructions, squares.