Heat production technological equipment

  1. Biomass boiler with a heat output Q = 500 kW,; operating pressure p = 4.0 bar max working temperature Tmax = 110°C; the boiler heating surface power - 8.6 kW / m2
  2. Biomass ceramic burner - 495 kW with 4 air fans; the optical flame monitoring; and burner loosener.
  3. Boiler automatic cleaning system; 6 nozzles, 2 x 10L; rotary air compressor with 8 bar; and the controller system
  4. Boiler automated ignition system with a touch-screen display, which manages operation of the boiler modulation mode; archive of failures; controller of smoke pump; GSM modem
  5. The ash removal system with 2 augers
  6. Two units of auger fireproof protection system with AVTA
  7. Stainless steel smoke pump - 1,5kW
  8. Stainless steel chimney L = 9 m
  9. The walking floor scrapers; control system; 3 sets of hydraulic supports; U-shaped body for feed auger; scrapers support beams; a support wall with metal frame
  10. Hydraulic units for scraper floor; 6 hydraulic hosepipes; the hydraulic oil
  11. The feed auger - 190 mm with Nord reducer, amid auger with Nord reducer
  12. Heated floor under scrapers
  13. Roof fan with speed regulator in chips delivery room
  14. Air supply; vent
  15. Heat meter Siemens Qn = 15 m3 / h; Qmax = 30 m3 / h, Dn 50
  16. Boiler hydraulic connection
  17. Electric materials