21st century globalization rates appear best to be seen in the logistics industry all around the world. The world keeps getting smaller rapidly growing competition in the field of transport, which necessarily excludes the weakest link. The national poet of Latvia - Rainis has told „The one who is going to last is the one who is willing to change!" The modernization of the technological process is a very important component for successful and stable logistic companies in the future.

We offer creative and efficient technical equipment solutions for various logistics sectors. Modernizing or just planning a modernization of a technological process for your business, it is essential to predict all known and often unknown aspects for the customer. Therefore, each of the offers are drawn individually and in close cooperation with the client, taking into account both – the client’s criteria as well as our experience.


Loading lumber and timber in containers

Shipping lumber & wood: How to reduce costs?

How to reduce costs when shipping lumber and wood? There are many factors that influence the costs of the wood industry and they are mentioned below ...

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Unloading containers

Unloading containers: How to improve efficiency?

Unloading containers is a basic step in the sourcing process. Despite that, not having the right practices, tools or machinery, unloading becomes a nuisance for any company. Traditional practices at warehouses focus on streamlining the picking, the packing and the loading process. However, planning the unloading process will positively impact the following ...

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Truck loading using loading plate

Automated Container Truck Loading - What are the benefits?

The operation of loading and unloading containers constitutes a vital stage in the supply chain, especially when dealing with bulky and heavy products, such as in the wood or steel industry.   SmartTEH offers an automatic system that allows you to load and unload containers in a matter of minutes, compared to longer, traditional processes of truck loading and unloading.

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Efficient way how to load sea container

How to Load Shipping Containers More Efficiently

Loading a shipping container is a complex task with a lengthy process, considering multiple factors in the international transport of goods. Even a few decades ago, the loading and unloading process was done manually using sacks and barrels. Today, thanks to the technological development and economic growth of international trade, there is a variety of equipment, tools, software and process standardization, which contributes to a significant transportation cost reduction, saving time and maximizing safety of goods in ship container loading & unloading.

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Methods to prevent cargo damages

12 Ways to Prevent Cargo Damage in Supply Chain

The supply chain is a vital part of your business, therefore an essential component to ensure the arrival of the product in good condition to the customer's hands. Ensuring that the product arrives without damage is necessary to satisfy any customer, as well as saving costs and avoiding rework loops, while allowing your business to grow in the short, medium and long term. The following are 12 tips to prevent cargo damage in your Supply Chain.

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Reduce transportation cost

8 Practical Ways to Reduce Transportation Logistics Costs

Are you searching for a freight cost reduction case study to know an efficient way to reduce transportation logistics costs? If freight is a crucial part of your company, your company will continue to face increasing charges throughout the whole of your transport logistics. In addition to the regular fuel and machinery market price rises, suppliers face many budgetary pressures in several directions.

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